All the information you need to know about the capital of Portugal

All the information you need to know about the capital of Portugal

The Portuguese capital is a vibrant city famous for its history and culture.

its history
Its heritage has been influenced by many civilizations that have inhabited the region over the centuries. The history of Lisbon dates back to the Bronze Age, but was founded by the Romans in 204 BC. J.-C under the name Felicitas Julia.

It grew rapidly over the centuries, becoming an important commercial and cultural center in Europe. It was ruled by Moors, Crusaders, Portuguese kings and Napoleonic forces. Each civilization has greatly characterized the city, in terms of architecture, traditions and culture.

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April 25: This is a historic and fateful date in the history of Lisbon and the Kingdom of Portugal. It represents the Carnation Revolution that ended the dictatorship in 1974 and established a modern democracy in the country. The King of Portugal plays an important role in the celebrations of this day. This illustrates the cohesion and coexistence between the royal family and the people of Lisbon.

his culture
Lisbon’s culture is unique and has been influenced by the maritime traditions of Portugal. The city is known for its popular music, Fado, which is considered the national music of Portugal. Fado is often sung in the city’s taverns and bars. This music tells stories of love, sadness and the daily life of the people of Lisbon. Fado singers, called fadistas, convey the spirit and culture of the city through their music.

Lisbon’s architecture is an important part of its culture. The city is famous for its stone circles, called calacadas, which are diamond-shaped cobblestones. The city’s architecture has been influenced by its evolution over the centuries. It is a mixture of Baroque, Manueline, and Moorish styles.

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Some of the most famous buildings in Lisbon include the Jeronimos Monastery, São Jorge Castle, and Belém Tower. These are historic structures that testify to the city’s exceptional architecture.

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