Al-Khelaifi: “Some people are always trying to rewrite history and divide football.”

Al-Khelaifi: “Some people are always trying to rewrite history and divide football.”

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain, has been committed for several months to opposing the creation of the Premier League, which would eliminate the historic Champions League. If the story seems foreboding since the project was suspended in April 2021, that certainly does not appear to be the case as the PSG and ECA chief told Portuguese media. register.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi”Yesterday they proved that they do not understand football and its ecosystem.”

“A little over a year ago, some tried to break the ECA system and the entire football ecosystem. Like in a movie, in the middle of a dark night, they tried to steal football from clubs, players and fans. Some people are always trying to rewrite history and divide football. Honestly, I am Sad for them because yesterday they proved that they don’t understand football and its ecosystem. […] Football is not a legal contract, it is a social contract.

Nasser Al-Kheliofi: “I do not understand the critics! Congratulations to Benfica, the lone winner of the group.

“We’ve heard that the Champions League is not emotional and European football is bankrupt, but Portuguese clubs are still in competition in the European leagues! I don’t understand the reviews! Congratulations to Benfica, the only group winner.

If the heads of the big clubs have this idea in mind, with the main goal of increasing their income, then it seems clear that this project should not be buried any time soon. The problem is that football money is the primary interest of the chiefs who are mostly businessmen with the sole aim of balancing or profiting at the end of the season. The trophies, the history of the competition, the things that move the fans, but those who preside over the clubs do not show a real interest in the subject.

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It is clear that every sport must evolve to always have its attractiveness and a high level that allows it to provide entertainment. But football for its part is the most popular sport that can unite clubs and players from all walks of life. So it ends up with a closed competition that brings together only the richest clubs that go against the values ​​of the sport.

The development of mindsets in recent years suggests that this is an inevitable shift, but unfortunately if this happens, the sport may also lose its popularity, as evidenced by the vision of some former enthusiasts who do not actually find more of them in current football.

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