‘After Yang’: A sci-fi drama very close to a long episode of Black Mirror

‘After Yang’: A sci-fi drama very close to a long episode of Black Mirror

Wow, this is generic! On screen, in dazzling fashion, a group of families participate in a high-tempo dance competition. Guaranteed effect! They include Jake (Colin Farrell), his wife (Judy Turner Smith), their granddaughter Micah, and their son Yang (Justin H-Min). A white man, a black woman and two Asian children. The perfect picture of a happy family. Except that at the end of this dance session, Yang starts to…boy. Fortunately, this Techno Sabines – The couple bought her second-hand to act as their adopted daughter’s older brother and help her connect with her Chinese roots – Still under warranty… Jake will do whatever it takes to fix Yang and bring him back to his girl.

near future

Presented in the Un Certain Regard section in Cannes last year, after yang It is Kogunada’s second feature film after him Columbus In 2017. Adapting to the new Say goodbye to Yang Written by Alexander Weinstein, American videographer of South Korean descent signs a science fiction drama very close, in spirit, to a long episode of the Netflix series black mirror . We find the same atmosphere there, an atmosphere of anticipation close to our reality, a little odd, as technology itself enters more deeply into the heart of our lives, our bodies and our feelings. A vision of a high-tech future that allows us to completely set aside environmental catastrophe…

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