After more than 25 years of service, this legendary Montreal Portuguese grill is closing its doors for good!

This is it June 10thin Comment below a Facebook post (by changing the cover page to an image that reads “Obrigado!”, which means “Thank you!” in Portuguese) That the legendary Portuguese rotisserie at Plateau Mont-Royal, Romadus, its permanent closure.

Romados is permanently closed. Romados is permanently closed. I have had the honor of serving you for over two decades. This decision was imposed on the company, not by its own choice “, simply wrote the people in charge of the company.

No details were given of the exact reason for the closure, but we suspect that the closure of dining rooms and some restaurants in the city for about a year, in the absence of an epidemic, would certainly have contributed. In the end this is an institution Montrealers love.

I eat Montreal However, he pointed out that in an interview with Manny Machado, the son of the founder of the restaurant, Fernando Machado, the latter mentioned that the restaurant was in the midst of a dispute over the rights to its name and trademark, but could not, Currently, Do not provide more details.

We are very disappointed to no longer be able to eat our natas and chicken at our favorite corner spot on Rachel and De Bullion, after nearly 27 years of service!

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