After being punished by Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo broke the silence

After being punished by Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo broke the silence

Cristiano Ronaldo’s career takes a completely different path at Manchester United. Having tried in vain to leave the English club during the last transfer window, the five-time Ballon d’Or found himself playing part of the match with the “Red Devils”. Since the start of the season, striker Erik ten Hag has only started once in 12 Premier League matches. The Dutch technician is satisfied with the start of the “CR7” in the Europa League.

This mode is no longer suitable for Cristiano Ronaldo. Last Wednesday, when Manchester United received Tottenham on behalf of 12e On the day of the English Championship, the 37-year-old again started on the bench. Upset, the striker decided to leave Old Trafford even before the final whistle and his team won by two goals to zero. This behavior is not accepted by the leaders of the “Red Devils”, who decided to expel the professional team from their team. Portuguese star:Cristiano will not be in the squad for Saturday’s Premier League match against Chelsea. The rest of the group focus on preparing for this meetingThe club said in a statement.

After this punishment was announced, Cristiano Ronaldo broke his silence. In a long message posted on Instagram, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner reviewed his status:As I have always done throughout my career, I try to live and play with respect for my teammates, opponents and coaches. This has not changed. I did not change. I am the same person and the same professional as I have been for the past 20 years playing elite football, and respect has always played a very important role in my decision-making process. I started at a very young age, the examples of older and more experienced players have always been very important to me. Therefore, later, I always tried to set an example for the young people who grew up in all the teams that I represented. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and sometimes the heat of the moment prevails.

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Despite being sidelined, Cristiano Ronaldo still seems to have Manchester United in mind: “For now, I think I have to keep working hard at Carrington[Manchester United training centre, editor’s note]supporting my teammates and being ready for anything in any game. Giving in to pressure is not an option. It wasn’t. This is Manchester United and we have to stick together. Soon we will be together again.


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