After 14 years, the best mod is here and it makes the game great

This new GTA 4 mod might just make you want to go back to the game, which looks better than ever after 14 years of its release.

GTA 4 is an episode that fans of the saga agree on

GTA 4 Is it the best episode in epic history GT ? In the hearts of fans, this album, released in 2008, has a very special place. The first HD episode of the licenseAnd the GTA 4 Distinguishes fans with its text and attractiveness Its main character, Niko Bellic. Some hope to see a remake of GTA 4 They appear one day, but you have to be very patient.

Currently, Rockstar dedicates all of its resources to the next batch, GTA 6. In the meantime, here’s a very good reason to come back to GTA 4 : A cool mod has been released and it completely changes the adventure.

GTA 4 is available in its final version soon

For several years, Hayssam Keilany has been working on it mod on sublimation GTA 414 years after its release,. Still in beta, we can say this one is mouth-watering. Really very beautiful for its time, GT She looks years younger.

The technology used called iCEnhancer (created by the mod itself) provides great lighting effects and incredibly detailed textures. night, GTA 4 More credible than ever thanks to the work of Haitham Kilani.

According to the media GamingBiblethe latest version of the modification It should come out very soon. Among those proposed on Skyrim,Drops And the GTPlayers have to do a lot to (re)discover cult games in new circumstances. This summer seems like the perfect time for that before the end of 2022 which promises crazy.

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