Afriquiz: promoting African culture through entertainment

With its diverse and original themes, Afriquiz takes players from one culture to another across the entire continent. This addictive board game aims to promote African culture and heritage; Educate through entertainment. Promoting Africa through its heroes and historical achievements.

Led by Aurélien Djom, Karim Bakoume, and Freddy Woga, Afriquiz is a highly original, atmospheric and connecting game for all ages. It offers great freedom in the use of materials and allows intelligent self-expression by evaluating their performance in discovering and knowing the continent. “Today, the observation made on the continent and its diaspora is that we suffer from tremendous ignorance due to the lack of positive representation of its African cultural heritage. This is due to the lack of positive presentation and proper teaching tools to teach us that”sorry for the designers of Afriquiz “It is easier for an African in the diaspora to locate the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty than it is to locate the African Renaissance monument, Luxor or even Timbuktu,” They add.

As for the chest of this game, it contains a 250-character board of questions divided into thirteen categories; Ten surprise cards, six pawns, a one-minute hourglass, two dice, etc. The player must be the first to arrive by answering the questions correctly. To do this, they must select a team of two to six players, after which they will have to roll the dice, and progress by answering general culture questions about Africa that the game proposes through a course full of special tiles. This is in order to get to the end space.

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Note that Afriquiz was created in 2018 and through this game the designers, all three Africans, aim to present the continent in a way that will interest as many people as possible in order to arouse the desire to discover this cultural heritage, in particular its places, history, and landscapes Its breathtaking nature, its cultural diversity, its people, its opportunities, and its formidable challenges.

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