According to science, this is the key to getting rich

That’s right, money does not make happiness… But on the contrary, if happiness makes money? This is the theory proposed by researchers at the University of Texas at A New study.

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The study, which was conducted on 10,898 people over the age of 50, revealed that wealth formation is influenced by the way people think, feel and act.

In other words, it will be the positive feelings that the individual retains during his life that will indirectly contribute to his success and personal wealth.

That’s not all! If positive emotions make it possible to make money, then above all they allow for better asset management. These consumers tend to make decisions that enhance their long-term financial stability.

For example, it will be easier for them to exercise control over the purchases to be made in order to avoid indebtedness. In addition to having a long-term perspective, they will take longer before making financial decisions.

But how do we have positive feelings? It is proven that work, social relationships, health and income affect a person’s feelings in a positive way.

Does money bring happiness?

Researchers have also shown that people tend to feel better about their lives and generate positive emotions when they earn more money. However, once a certain amount is reached, i.e. $75,000, the level of happiness tends to stagnate.

Finally, the study shows that wealth generates a certain level of happiness only if it is earned and not given up, as in the case of inheritance for example.

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