According to science, these 4 words will instantly make you more persuasive

According to science, these 4 words will instantly make you more persuasive

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According to the work of a French researcher, there is a very simple way to become more persuasive with those around you, by using these few very specific words…

Do you sometimes feel that you do not listen to enough from your relatives, friends and colleagues? It may be because you don’t always make the right choice in the words you address to those around you. At least, if we are to believe the work Dr. Nicholas GegenProfessor of Social Psychology and Cognitive Sciences at the University of South Brittany.

as part of’study Published in 2016, the researcher ran a series of tests to see how we can best influence the people around us. As a result, it seems that certain sentences, or certain formulas that are more accurate, are more likely to convince your audience to follow you against all odds…

“You will probably refuse…”

To develop his theory, Dr. Guéguen took to the streets, and A total of 640 people We ask them in various ways to donate to Children’s Hospital.

When he asked people to donate to charity, he said: “You may be interested in organizations for children with health problems. I wonder if you can help us by making a donation”did not receive Only 25% of positive answers.

On the contrary, when I enter the words “You are likely to refuse” Before proceeding with the donation request, Confirmation rate jumped to 39%. Even better: with this seemingly negative wording, the amounts paid by witnesses to the association rose on average from €2.44 to €2.50.

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reactance theory

According to behavioral scientists, this marked increase in the desire of the surveyed individuals is based on a theory shared in the field of psychology: reactance.

It is simply a psychological defense mechanism applied by an individual trying to preserve their freedom to act when they believe they are threatened. But when you approach the words accurately, it will be possible to turn this mechanism in your favor …

In fact, using negative phrasing is effective because these words give people a way out, making them feel as though they are acting on their own and that they are in control of their decision.

And if you want to change the ways you get people to do what you expect them to do, you can use different forms of sentences so they don’t reveal your trick, such as:

  • “Maybe not yours…”
  • “You can leave at any time…”
  • “Do you know anyone who might be interested in…”
  • “You might not be the best person for this…”

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