A woman swallowed by a snake in Indonesia

Various local media reported that a 50-year-old woman working on a farm in Indonesia was apparently killed by a snake, which then swallowed her whole body.

The victim, called Jahra, was working on a rubber fig farm in the Jambi district of Sumatra island.

Fearing that she would not come home after a Sunday workday, her husband went to the farm, where he discovered some of her personal belongings, such as her sandals and her scarf.

The search made it possible, the next morning, to find the person responsible for the disappearance: a seven-meter-long snake with an abnormal stomach distention.

It is believed that this snake chased the victim. Local police chief AKP S Harefa told local media after her arrest, we found the victim in her stomach.

According to CNN Indonesia, the policeman explained that the victim’s body was practically intact.

Snakes catch their prey by suffocating it, before swallowing it whole and slowly digesting it. Cases of attacks by humans are extremely rare but not impossible.

According to “The Guardian”, two similar cases have occurred in Indonesia in recent years. A farmer was killed and swallowed up in 2017 on the island of Sulawesi, while a woman suffered the same fate while working in gardens on Mina island in 2018.

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