A woman got cancer because of her nail polish

An American developed nail cancer after a manicure. According to his doctor, there is a link with HPV.

Does his manicure have a role in the emergence of nail cancer? For this American, there is no doubt. In California (USA), Grace Garcia could have developed cancer under her nails after an overly aggressive manicure. After several meetings with the beautician, the mother of the family noticed a blister on her skin, the tale goes. the sun.

Since the infection had not diminished, the dermatologist then prescribed a finger biopsy. result ? The patient was already a victim of a non-melanoma skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. “I couldn’t believe it, something as simple as a manicure could have killed meReported by Fox News, the young woman said, in France, the annual incidence of this cancer is estimated at 30/100 thousand in the general population.

The manicure is a favorite

Dr. Teo Slimani, who treated Grace Garcia, explains that there is an association with the human papilloma virus, HPV: “In her case, she had a manicure where she infected herself, and there may have been contaminated tools or some kind of entry of this virus. The virus causes the development of this cancer“.

Before proceeding:Interestingly, almost every skin cancer I’ve treated that involves fingers or toenails has been associated with high-risk HPV. It’s concerning – and it’s in younger patientsThe hygienist claims to have seen quite a few cases where manicures are favored:Rarely do we see high-risk squamous cell carcinomas resulting from this, but I have half a dozen with this phenomenon“.

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Video – Dr. Christian Recchia: “If you have bulging, curved and convex nails, be careful, they are often a sign of serious respiratory failure, or even lung cancer”

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