A woman gets hit in the head by a stag

While walking her dog, Tracy Hansen from Anchorage, Alaska is attacked by a moose.

Hansen often takes his dog Gunner on the same walk, but is interrupted by an unwanted guest who charges at Hansen from behind. The stag jumped over his head, kicking him as he went.

Hansen said after she was hit, she first thought someone had hurt her with their bike.

It wasn’t until she sat down and assessed the situation that she realized it was a moose that had hit her. The animal was now in front of her.

Fortunately, moments before the moose attack, Kate Timmons and her family arrive along with Hansen, who has been walking along the Old Seward Highway.

Timmons, in addition to recording the incident, attempts to warn Hansen of the stag deer chasing her.

After the attack, Timmons and his family chased after the stag and rushed to the woman’s aid.

The bystander explained that she worried about what might have happened if her family had not witnessed the attack and offered assistance to the injured woman.

Because of the height of the icebanks, Timmons says it might have been difficult for another car to see Hansen lying on the ground.

Hansen was left with three staples in her head and still has a lingering headache after the encounter, but says she’ll be back on the trail to walk her dog there soon.

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