A Wisconsin nurse is accused of amputating a man’s foot to save it at his family’s taxidermy shop

A Wisconsin nurse is accused of amputating a man’s foot to save it at his family’s taxidermy shop

A nurse in Wisconsin, USA, is accused of amputating a dying man’s foot in order to keep it in her family’s taxidermy shop.

Mary K. Brown, 38, allegedly cut off the victim’s foot – without her consent or doctor’s direction – on May 27.

According to official documents obtained by WQOW, another nurse indicated that the amputation was performed incorrectly. MI Brown also allegedly told her he intended to show off the foot with a sign that read “Put your shoes on, kids.”

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The victim was reportedly admitted to Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center in Spring Valley last March due to severe frostbite on her feet. By the end of May, doctors thought the man was dying and his foot showed signs of necrosis.

At the time of the facts, the man was groaning in pain, and the witness was going to report it to the police.

According to court documents, the man reportedly told the nurse that he felt everything and was in pain from the amputation.

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When interviewed by the authorities, Mary K. Brown claimed that she cut off the victim’s limb to make her feel better.

According to a statement from the care facility manager, Kevin Larson, to WQOW, Ms.I Brown no longer works there.

Mary K. Brown now faces charges of physically assaulting an elderly person and intentionally causing grievous bodily harm. Facing a 40-year prison sentence, she will return to court on December 6.

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