A St. Julie Engineer Achievement Who Led the NASA Mission: Congratulations to Julie Bellrose!

Foreign Affairs Spokesperson for Montarville and Block of Kibekwe, Stephane Bergeron, took advantage of a statement in the House of Commons on October 4 to highlight the recent achievement of a Saint-Julie-based engineer, Ms. Julie Bellrose, who successfully led the NASA precision mission.

“When I was appointed as Bloc Québécois’ spokesperson for foreign affairs, I didn’t know that included the universe! However, it is the space I’m talking about today, thanks to Julie Bellrose…”, said Mr. Bergeron.

“Last week, he continued, this engineer from Saint Julie led a NASA mission that is downright sci-fi! Ms. Bellrose had to deflect an asteroid 10 million kilometers from Earth by ramming it with a space probe traveling at 22,500 kilometers per hour. It was an experiment aimed at To assess whether an asteroid’s path could be flexed in the event that one of them moved dangerously toward our planet.

“On behalf of Bloc Québécois, I would like to congratulate Julie Bellerose on this mission accomplished. This is a new feature in a career that took her from Saint Julie to California via Japan. This feat propelled her to a select club of Quebecers, showing the young people here just what a genius can be. Quebec to go. The answer is far, very far, very far, very far!” Stéphane Bergeron concluded.

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