A red line crossed by the Allied Powers?

A red line crossed by the Allied Powers?

After the decision of several countries on the North American and European continents to deliver heavy tanks to support Ukraine, the country suffered serious consequences Russian missile; The escalation of the conflict has become alarming in this regard.

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This was stated in an interview with TVA Nouvelles Charles-Philippe David, President of the US Observatory and Founder of the Raoul Dandurand Chair for Strategic Studies and Diplomacy.

The Russians are already tightening their tone. For them, the delivery of tanks is tantamount to direct intervention of the Americans and Europeans in the conflict.

“This is not new, but what is clearly new is that they are losing, losing a lot on the ground, including all the territories that they have occupied for almost a year,” explains the specialist.

For him, the Russian propaganda apparatus could also take advantage of this foreign aid brought to Ukraine to explain its defeat. This will be due to the Allied countries, which will deprive Russia of what it considers its legitimate right.

“We are always on a fine line in this war, between supporting Ukraine and, of course, contributing — and rightly so, I repeat — to an escalation that might cause the wrath of the Kremlin,” Mr. David points out.

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The missile barrage launched by Russia the day after the announcement by the Allied nations regarding the delivery of tanks is not innocent to Mr. David, who nonetheless confirms the ability of the Ukrainians to defend themselves from these last shots.

“The good news in the bad and very bad news about this war’s endless continuation is that of the nearly 80 missiles Russia fired again, including about 50 against Kyiv, the capital, only three achieved their targets,” he notes.

“So the good news in the bad news is that the missile defenses are working,” the specialist adds.

On Wednesday, Putin’s confidant spoke over the Russian antenna and made disturbing remarks about Germany.

He made himself “the mouthpiece of the master of the Kremlin, and went further than Putin, saying: ‘Well, here is the birth of the Fourth Reich, and therefore we must go to war against Germany.'” Imagine using the words, there, indignant Mr. David.

“It won’t happen, I don’t think so, but the fact remains that we don’t know the outcome of this war, and that at some point, to what extent it can instill Vladimir Putin’s mind in the belief that it is necessary to fight a war against Germany,” he adds.

The specialist also explains that Russia is currently recruiting and mobilizing 500,000 new soldiers, and in this regard, Putin does not intend to abandon Ukraine.

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