A leak reveals the upcoming free-to-play Epic game

A leak reveals the upcoming free-to-play Epic game

Billbil-kun is a popular leaker and gaming insider who has already proven himself correct with his latest two predictions regarding free-to-play Epic games: Dragon Age: Inquisition last week and Farming Simulator 22 this week. For next week, the leaker On Delabs (Expects Epic to provide Equestrian 2 Starting Thursday at 5 pm. It is not clear where this information comes from.

In Chivalry 2, developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Tripwire Presents on June 12, 2022, two factions fight for supremacy in a medieval kingdom. The Knights of Agatha represent traditional values ​​and fight for honor and rightful kingship. The Freemasons represent revolution and seek power and control. Players choose different sides and classes: knight, vanguard, infantryman, and archer – each with unique abilities and weapons. Each class has access to specific armor sets and accessories, allowing players to customize their characters to suit their preferred play style.

on steam Equestrian 2 received a good rating: 82% positive reviews from more than 29,000 reviews. on Metacritic The game has a good Metascore of 82, but players rate Chivalry 2 much lower than reviewers, as evidenced by its low user rating of 5.2. The main reasons seem to be performance and budgeting issues.

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