A hunter killed two German Shepherds thinking they were wolves

A Connecticut hunter is facing criminal charges after he killed and skinned two German Shepherds who he thought were coyotes.

Michael Konchak, 61, claimed in court that he was “ashamed of what he did”.

“I want you to know that I never intended to harm these animals,” he pleaded.

The police and the Animal Protection Service arrested Konchak last February. The latter is accused of tampering with evidence, interference with police work and hunting-related offences.

Animal rights activists are calling on the authorities to add charges of animal cruelty. The prosecutor handling the case said he was still investigating and further charges could be brought.

A search that lasted several weeks

Pet owner Erin Caviola said she and her family had searched for their dogs for weeks. They even posted wanted notices after they went missing. She claims her pets were “decapitated” and their bodies were never found.

She testified, “We feel so much pain and sadness when we think about their last moment together. They loved each other so much, and it breaks my heart.”

Michael Konchak allegedly killed the monsters with a crossbow on November 18th. They had fled their home by sneaking through the destroyed fence.

The woman began to solicit Change.org to demand justice.

“The violent death of Simo and Libbin and the mutilation they were subjected to have shocked our family,” can we read on the page dedicated to the animals.

According to information from CBS News

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