A huge solar storm will hit Earth on March 31

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NASA announced a moderate coronal mass ejection of G2 classes on March 29. However, the US National Weather Service warned that there is a high risk of a solar storm.

According to NASA, the first manifestations of the coronal mass ejection should arrive on Thursday, March 31, 2022. According to it, it will be possible to see the aurora borealis there as far as New York. The National Weather Service is more concerned and warns that it could be a stronger storm, either a category G4 or even a G5.

In the latter scenario, it is suggested that multiple solar flares could merge and strike Earth in a single event. The expected consequences will be false alarms that can be set off. There is also talk of malfunctions in some low-frequency communication systems and satellites. When a solar storm hits Earth directly, the effects are felt intermittently.

So if you have connection issues tomorrow, you’ll know where it came from. Nor! This is not the big dreadful storm. At least not yet!

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