A great recognition for Paris Saint-Germain competing with Mbappe

A great recognition for Paris Saint-Germain competing with Mbappe

Feet – Paris Saint-Germain

A great recognition for Paris Saint-Germain competing with Mbappe

Posted Mar 18, 2023 at 8:30pm — Updated Mar 18, 2023 at 8:31pm.

Nuno Mendes, left-back for Paris Saint-Germain, is one of the greatest satisfactions of the season. At just 20 years old, he’s already scored two goals and made five assists in 27 matches. In addition, his speed also deals a lot of damage to opposing defenses. Which gives him something in common with Kylian Mbappé, even if Nuno Mendes admits he’s slower than his teammate.

The only small flaw one can find in it Nuno Mendez These are his multiple wounds. Injuries that have already caused him to miss ten matches this season. On the left side of the Paris attack, his speed combined with speed kylian mbappe, He caused havoc with Paris Saint-Germain, but the Portugal international still admitted his French team-mate runs a little faster than him.

Race for speed

already in Paris Saint-Germain Last season, he only arrived on loan. PSG were convinced of what the Portuguese defender could achieve, and rightly so. His speed is one from hell for him, which flashes at a speed of 34.4 km/h at Champions League this chapter. Just under 36 km / h Kylian Mbappe.

“We’re two very fast players.”

In an interview with the club’s media PSG-TVAnd Nuno Mendez He mentioned this speed that he sees as a common point with his teammate Kylian Mbappe :” We used to play together in training and in matches. We’re two very fast players, Kylian is a bit faster than me, but I think we have a good connection and the pace helps us a lot. It doesn’t work in every game, but the ones I’ve succeeded in have ended in goals and I intend to give him a lot of passes, like my other teammates. »

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