A dog travels miles to rescue his owner who fell into a ravine in his truck

A dog travels miles to rescue his owner who fell into a ravine in his truck

An Oregon driver who found himself in a ravine after crashing his pickup truck was rescued by his dog, who ran more than 4 miles searching for help.

The county sheriff told the New York Post that one of Brandon Garrett's four dogs arrived at a campsite in Baker County to alert a family who was concerned about the missing motorist.

The victim's family quickly began a search and found the truck lying on its side at the foot of a cliff next to a stream, while another dog of the truck driver remained there watching the vehicle.

“Sheriff Ash arrived and located the vehicle, along with a dog, in a steep ravine. While searching for an access point to the creek, he heard a man screaming for help,” the Baker County Sheriff's Office said.

The victim, who was seriously injured in the accident, was forced to spend the night in the dense valley, while his pet went to get help, according to the New York Times.

Rescue teams safely airlifted Brandon Garrett to the hospital, according to authorities, who said the four dogs survived the accident.

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