A collision between two planes was narrowly avoided in the skies over New York on Monday.

A collision between two planes was narrowly avoided in the skies over New York on Monday.

Two planes carrying 159 passengers came close to disaster on Monday in the skies over Syracuse, New York, when the pilots were simultaneously cleared to use the same runway for takeoff and landing.

“Delta 5421 is ready for the skies. Runway 28 is ready for takeoff,” the pilot of the Delta plane about to take off Monday afternoon said, according to a recording captured by Global News. “Cleared for takeoff on runway 28, 5421,” air traffic control would confirm.

“Wait, who's allowed to take off? [la piste] 28?” would have immediately responded, in an uncertain tone, the pilot of American Airlines Flight 5511, who was preparing to land on Runway 28 at the same time.

The dramatic footage is now said to be the subject of an FAA investigation, after the Delta Air Lines and American Airlines flights came within a hair's breadth, or more precisely 725 feet (220 metres) of impact, according to the Daily Mail. CBS News.

The two planes were carrying 80 and 79 passengers, respectively, when they crossed paths in the sky from Syracuse to New York, near Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

The incident was also captured on camera by a North Syracuse Police Department cruiser, where a police officer's reaction to the disturbing scene was captured, according to images shared by CBS News.

It's not yet clear how the situation arose, but Delta Air Lines is said to have said it is working with “aviation authorities as we always do in our shared commitment to safety first,” according to Global News.

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