A cinema as beautiful as a truck

A cinema as beautiful as a truck

sIf you don’t come to Asterix, Asterix will come to you. By trucks, moreover, a 17-meter long Volvo brand completely converted into a cinema. The car is parked in Neung-sur-Beuvron (Loir-et-Cher), this Tuesday, March 7th: 12 people shared the interior for the evening’s screening of the film.Asterix and Obelix. Middle Empire by Guillaume Canet. There were thirty-five at 4 p.m. Small victories By Melanie Afra, and 10am-6pm by The adorable cat Morrisby Toby Genkel. Three performances, about sixty spectators, in the heart of a village of 1,200 inhabitants: or how heavy goods vehicles contribute to rural cultural decentralization.

Run by the Centre-Val de Loire region through its cultural agency (Ciclic), Cinémobile has no equal in France. A “real” movie theater has been recreated inside its trailer. Red foam armchairs, gently sloping floor, heating in winter (air conditioning in summer), digital projector, trailers… All that’s missing are toilets and a popcorn machine. Categorized as Arts & Articles, the 80-seat sideboard traveled across the region throughout the year, along with two other trucks of the same type. Located at least 20 kilometers from the first cinema, the system welcomes 46 municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, with one visit per month.

The three heavyweights recreated in movie theaters have been christened

In Nyongs-sur-Beauvron – a former fortified village where Vercingetorix suffered a memorable defeat against Caesar in 52, Asterix’s time – cultural events are rare enough (two village hall shows a year) not to miss the cinema pass. Commercial in an industrial laundry company, Nathalie Chevrier is one of the regulars: “When you have to take your car to go to the cinema, you know in advance what kind of movie you are going to see. Everything changes when the cinema comes to you. Proximity and cheap tickets [6,20 euros le plein tarif] Recreate a movie club in the country. You easily accept being surprised by programming.”, explains the person who also works as a municipal councillor. In a month, Cinémobile will show My crimeby François Ozon, in Nyongs-sur-Beauvron, but also in Bazouches-les-Galrandes (Loire, 1500 inhabitants) or in Saint-Sever (Indre, 800 inhabitants), the city in which Jacques Tati portrayed Day feast (1949) – Tati who also gave his name to one of the three regional cinemas (Carmite and Montand for the others).

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