A Chihuahua was found 1,200 kilometers from his home…in Portugal: News

A Chihuahua was found 1,200 kilometers from his home…in Portugal: News

Celine the Chihuahua had been missing for a month when she received an email from a vet informing her that her dog had been found in Portugal. We still do not know how this little dog was able to cover the 1,200 kilometers that separate him from his mistress.

It's a story that seems impossible. A month ago, when Céline let her Chihuahua, named Joey, roam her garden in Villars-Saint-Pancrais, in the Hautes-Alpes, he disappeared. Then Céline thinks her little dog is also… “freeze” Or it was “The fox eats him” Trust that BFMTV.

Celine became concerned, and actively searched for her dog for weeks, going door to door in her neighborhood and putting up posters with pictures of the animal. But nothing led to Joey being found.

Miracle result

After losing hope, Celine received a phone call “From a vet in Savoie indicating that he received an email from a Portuguese vet registering a dog microchip belonging to him”Although Celine did not immediately believe the good news, Joy was miraculously found in Portugal, 1,260 kilometers away from her village.

A woman found Joy in a field near her home and took her to a vet, who rushed to contact every possible French vet. Celine was able to talk to this woman to confirm that the dog she found was truly her joy.

The happy owner of the found dog is preparing to drive to Portugal to find her four-legged friend. She should arrive at the location on May 23. We still don't know how the little dog ended up so far from home.

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Joey's story reminds us of the importance of identifying pets using a microchip that allows the owner's information to be found. As a reminder, pets (ICAD) such as dogs and cats must be identified via a microchip or tattoo in the national identification file.

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