A breathtaking image of the space station in orbit taken by a satellite

A breathtaking image of the space station in orbit taken by a satellite

It's a new trend. This picture is for International Space StationInternational Space Station (International Space Station)) It shows what special satellites are capable of imaging, even if they are usually intended for taking pictures of the Earth's surface. The image was taken by satellite constellationconstellation Cosmic vision From the American group Maxar, it is accurate enough to distinguish between the different modules of the International Space Station. For example, at the end of the station, in the foreground, we see the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, which has been docked for several days near the European Columbus modules on its left, and the Japanese Kibo modules on its right.

Another stunning image from the EarthCare satellite

This accurate image of the International Space Station mirrors a European satellite image Earth care It was published by Australian operator HEO Space and captured by one of its satellites. It was launched at the end of last May Earth care It is a satellite of the European Space AgencyEuropean Space AgencyEuropean Space AgencyWhich aims to study clouds and their effects Atmospheric dustAtmospheric dust On our website AtmosphereAtmosphere.

This time, HEO Space's main mission is to provide images to other satellites using high-performance cameras. HEO Space responds to increasingly strong demand, especially in the defense or intelligence space. These images make it possible to know information about satellites whose mission remains secret.

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