60 Million Consumers Reveal the Best Insect Repellent

60 Million Consumers Reveal the Best Insect Repellent

In the July 2024 issue, “60 million consumers” magazine 15 products from the brands Cinq sur cinq, Insect Ecran, Autan, Puressentiel and Moustifluid were tested to see which were the most effective. They are basically sprays, and are easier to find than lotions or creams.

According to the Consumers Association, products based on IR3535 and DEET, which often use synthetic molecules, provide the best duration of protection. But, as “60 Million Consumers” points out, the active ingredient is not everything, because “between two products based on IR3535 at a concentration of 20%, one protects for just over eleven hours while the other protects for only eight and a half hours.” hours.

And the risks?

The magazine's testing also focuses on the risks associated with the use of repellents, which are often irritating to the eyes, according to the site, and some active ingredients can have effects on plastic: “DEET, in addition, has the downside of melting plastic,” the article explains. Smell can also be a criterion for choice: DEET-based products, such as those of plant origin, can have an unpleasant odor. IR3535 Odorless. »

Finally, 60 million consumers also pointed out that these active ingredients, although they do not pose major risks, are not trivial and the user must respect the recommended quantities.

So the result?

The magazine explained that out of 15 products tested, the best result was obtained by the 100 ml Cinq sur cinq Family Spray, which received a score of 16.8/20. It was followed by the Moustifluid high protection spray for vulnerable areas with a score of 16.4/20 and Mousti KO with a score of 15.5/20.

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