Do you feel younger or older than your actual age? Or do you feel right in your age group? This could be a purely psychological state apparently The consequences for your physical health are far more than you can imagine ! even better, To feel young would allow To live longerAccording to researchers at the prestigious University College London, England.

Good Aging: Chronological vs. Self-Aware Age

British University scientists investigated whether people who feel younger than their chronological age actually live longer. Their results were published in the online journal JAMA Internal Medicinein 2014.

They analyzed data from 6,489 volunteers aged 52 and over, who had to determine their “self-aware” age in relation to their true age. At first, 70% of the participants said they felt three years younger than they actually were, with an average of nine years younger. 25% estimated their true age and only 5% felt older.

Eight years later, 75% Volunteers who feel older than their age are still alive, against 82% People who feel they are appropriate for their age and 86% for those who feel younger.

If this analysis does not suggest a causal relationship, these results are encouraging according to the authors. “Self-perceived age has the power to change, so interventions may be possible. People who feel older than their chronological age can be targeted with health campaigns that promote positive health behaviors and attitudes towards them aging“.

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It’s never too late Embrace a younger mentality. In pictures, find out Tips to achieve this and get over the years with a smile on your face !

6 tips to stay young in your head and live longer

Thinking about the past or, on the contrary, anticipating future events prevents you from fully enjoying your life. Taking the time to build friendships, volunteer and participate in family life helps you feel aliveforget everything The effect of the passage of time !

6 tips to stay young in your head and live longer

Society has a bad habit of putting everything in boxes, including people based on their age. Forget tradition, age is just a number that doesn’t define you. Think about the age when you felt good and realize that positive energy To keep it every day.

6 tips to stay young in your head and live longer

Take the time to listen to yourself and do what you really want, in particular retired و ! take the opportunity to Always stop controlling everything and let yourself from time to time, or constantly, shake the rhythm of life.

6 tips to stay young in your head and live longer

Try new things: travel, music classPaint Shop… Why not try a new activity and adopt a hobby that you love? Plus, it will keep your mind in shape and help you delay age-related cognitive decline..

6 tips to stay young at heart and live longer

To feel young, the body must follow too! If not, do regular physical activity like yogaWalking, swimming, cycling, etc.


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