“500 Days in the Wild” movie review: A sporting achievement and a tribute to the planet

“500 Days in the Wild” movie review: A sporting achievement and a tribute to the planet

Diane Whelan is the first person to complete the 24,000-kilometre Trans-Canada Trail.

It took six years to achieve this feat by bike, foot or canoe. And it's all impressive in this stunning 120-minute documentary.

Obviously what catches the eye is the landscape. No matter the season, Diane Whelan takes the time to stop and photograph and comment on the geese, bison, horses and more. Do not have indigenous senses of fire, photography, photography, and other profits to share with the philosophy of life – especially those that concern the conservation of the plan and its resources – all in the film of the surrounding areas. on my way.

It was screened at the Whistler Film Festival (FFF) where it won the Audience Award, 500 days in the wilderness Not just an environmental documentary. It is also – above all? – An ode to perseverance, endurance and courage as she advances from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.

feat of 500 days in the wilderness It is also Diane Whelan's valleys that engage the viewer in their contemplations. By looking at and listening to the wonderful images, we realize our place on Earth, this interconnectedness of all living things, our environmental responsibility, and our human responsibility, quite simply.

500 days in the wilderness Screens light up from 1any Mars.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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