4 things to know after the operation

4 things to know after the operation

The Vasectomy It is surgery male sterilization. As a rule, this operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia. Sometimes under general anaesthesia.

The goal of this intervention is to cut the continuity of the vas deferens, at the level of the scrotumso that there is no more Sperm in ejaculation. It is a male method of contraception.

To do this, the surgeon excises a short portion of the vas deferens before the limbs are closed or coagulated. This intervention should be considered definitive, although re-induction methods exist. In fact, there is no guarantee of its effectiveness.

There is no There is no minimum age to perform this intervention. All male adults can benefit from this permanent method of contraception, regardless of their marital status or number of children.

Vasectomy: A semen examination is performed within 3 months

After the operation, it is normal to feel pain. It should decrease within three to four days after the operation. pain in testicles It may extend to the groin and lower abdomen. Scrotum can also occur moderately swell It takes on a bluish colour. The swelling should not become too large. The color will disappear within 7 to 15 days after the procedure.

according to Urology surgeon Jacques BrunVasectomy is 99.9% effective. However, the sterility provided by vasectomy is obtained only after 20 or 30 ejaculations or a delay of 2-3 months after the intervention. Therefore, after a Vasectomy Another method of contraception must be used for up to 3 months after the operation. »

according to’French Association of Urologyit is necessary to perform a “spermogram three months after the vasectomy.” This makes it possible in particular to check thelack of sperm in patient ejaculation. In addition, the association’s website specifies that vasectomy does not alter the production of male hormones or the volume of semen. So there is no point in being afraid of a modification associated with a lack of male hormones, such as A Erectile Dysfunction or ejaculation disorder.

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Finally, after the operation, it is recommended Moderate activity is preferred. Work stoppage may be specified. Also note that it is not recommended to shower until healing is complete. However it is possible to shower.

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