4 natural techniques to avoid being bitten

4 natural techniques to avoid being bitten

It is Summer. Evening. Dinner with friends, an open window…we can’t escape from it, the mosquitos have invited themselves to dinner, with annoying noises and leaving itchy bites on our bodies.

Today there is a wide range of products that you can put in your home or on yourself to protect yourself from mosquitoes: Ingredients, spray… But when you look carefully at the packaging of these products, seeing large skulls framed with a red diamond is not reassuring. It works well against mosquito infestation, but In addition to being made up of chemicals Harmful to the environment, it may not be ideal for human and animal health.

You can decide to dispense with mosquito repellents to opt for more natural and equally effective solutions.

1 – Choose the colors you want to wear

When it comes to protecting yourself from the scourge of summer, the clothes you wear can be a real advantage. When you are in a precarious situation, such as walking in the woods, Choose clothes that cover your body.

A study published in the journal Nature Connections (in English) He explains that some colors attract mosquitoes more than others, so they should be avoided as much as possible. This study, which was conducted on several types of mosquitoes, found that it is Attracted to red, orange, cyan, and black When color is applied to human skin. Do not try to stretch a red sheet of paper away from you as a diversion, it will not work.

This study also showed that mosquitoes were Less attracted to white, green, and purple

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2 – essential oils

Useessential oils It is fashionable now. Be wary, however, of the risks that prolonged exposure can pose. In fact, if essential oils are natural, they must be used in moderation. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Lemon, mint, lemon and eucalyptusAll of these oils are effective against mosquitoes. You can apply a drop to your skin, avoiding the mucous membranes (eyes, movements, nose, ears …) or pour it into an essential oil diffuser. In addition to smelling good, your interior will be protected.

3 – Carnation

clove It is one of those plants that can be used for just about anything. In addition to its antiseptic properties, cloves will scare away mosquitoes from your living space.

Although it is similar to the decoration one makes when winter comes, in terms of look and smell, Plant carnations around an orange. For a different scent but the same effectiveness You can do the same with lime.

4 – mosquito net

for 100% efficiencyChoose a mosquito net. Whether you put it in your window frame or above your bed, mosquitoes won’t be able to get through. You will also protect yourself from moths, flies, wasps… which can be equally annoying when they are trapped and banged on the windows. Plus, you won’t need to repurchase from year to year.

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