🔎 Melanotaeniidae – Definition and Explanations

🔎 Melanotaeniidae – Definition and Explanations


ruling era Animal
branch chordates
Ember. vertebrates
super class bone
Season Actinopterygium
subcategory neobridge
Infra category Teleostei
Super request Acanthopterygii
Command Atheriniformes
monotonous Etherenody
– incomplete author – date will be specified

the rainbow fish It is a family of fishwater (Water is a chemical compound found everywhere on Earth, essential for everyone…) I found sweet in north (North is a cardinal point, opposite South). and east ofAustralia (Australia (officially the Commonwealth of Australia) is a country…) and the New Guinea (New Guinea is an island in Oceania near the western Pacific Ocean.) And on the islands southeast (Southeast is the direction midway between the south and east cardinal points. Southeast…) Asia.

The dominant genus of the rainbow fish and its many species derives its generic name Melanotaenia from the ancient Greek Melano (= black) and taenia (= stripes). Translated, it means “black stripe” and is a reference to the lateral black bands that run along the bodies of species of the genus Melanotinia.

a description

the Fish (Pisces is a constellation of the Zodiac that the Sun crossed from March 12 to 18…) The rainbow usually reaches 12 cm in diameter Length (The length of an object is the distance between its two outermost ends…), but some species are less than 6 centimeters long. They live in a wide variety of freshwater habitats, including rivers, lakes, and swamps. Although they all reproduceyear (A year is a unit of time expressing the duration between two recurrences of a related event…)they put a number (The idea of ​​number in linguistics is dealt with in the article “Number…”) Especially a large number of eggs at the beginning season (Season is a period of the year that witnesses a relative constancy of climate and …) It’s raining. eggs attached to Vegetation (Vegetation is the group of wild or cultivated plants (plants) that…) Hatch water from 7 to 18 days (Day or today is the interval between sunrise and sunset, which is…) later. Rainbow fish are omnivores and feed on small fish oysters (Crustaceans (crustaceans) are arthropods, that is, animals whose bodies are …)larvaeinsects (Insects is a French-language journal of ecology and entomology dedicated to a wide range of …)and algae. The most common melanotinoids in the pelvis are those of the genus Pseudomugil with blue eyes. Its population in the wild has been severely affected by the introduction of mosquito-eating fish (Gambusia holbrooki).

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Species list

  • pedotia Reagan, 1903
  • kearnsichthis Allen, 1980
  • chilathrina Reagan, 1914
  • Glossolepis Weber, 1907
  • eryathrina Mencken, 1974
  • Calyptathrina Said and Ivantsov, 1991
  • Kyunga Allen, 1983
  • Marusathrina Arn, Ivantsov & Kotilat, 1998
  • Melanotinia Gill, 1862
  • parathrina Cocktails, 1990
  • Pelangia Allen, 1998
  • Popondichthys Allen, 1987
  • Sudomogel Knerr, 1866
  • Radinocentros Reagan, 1914
  • Ryucles Jordan and Habs in Jordan, 1919
  • Scaturiginichthys Ivantsov, Onmak, Said and Crowley, 1991
  • Telmatherina Bollinger, 1897
  • Tuminanga Cocktails, 1990

External references

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