🔎 Chown – Definition and Explanations

🔎 Chown – Definition and Explanations


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control choon Used on UNIX-like systems to change the owner of a file file (A file is a place where files are stored. It could be a piece of furniture, a room, …) or folder the chapterthe angel kingany). In most of its implementations it is only executable by the superuser. Ordinary users without privileges who want to change the group of a file to which it belongs can use the extension to request (order: a term used in many fields, usually denoting an order or…) chgrp.


General command syntax choon (The chown command is used on UNIX-like systems to change ...) :

      chown [-hHLPR] [utilisateur][:groupe] cible1 [cible2 ..]      
  • the session (A parameter in a broad sense is an element of information that must be taken into account…) My choice user Indicates the name of the new owner of the target files.
  • Optional parameter Squad (which can be preceded by a colon, :) indicates the group with which the target files should be associated.
  • Settings Goal Refer to the files or directories to which the user and/or group will be associated.

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