đź“° Why are some birds smarter than others?

If you’ve ever seen a bird stealing your dog’s dry food or a starling in a litter bag, you might think that some birds have learned to take advantage of new feeding opportunities—a clear sign of their intelligence. Scientists have long wondered why some bird species are more creative than others, and whether these abilities come from larger brains (which seems an intuitively likely) or from a larger mind. number (The notion of number in linguistics is addressed in the article “Number …) Neurons in specific regions of brain (The brain is the main organ of the central nervous system of animals. Brain processes…).

It turns out it’s kind of both, according to a recent study by an international team that included members ofMcGill University (McGill University, located in Montreal, Quebec, is one of…) Posted in Ecology and Evolution.

More neurons in the right place may be associated with increased intelligence in birds

The researchers used a new technique to estimate the number of neurons in a specific part of the brain called the pallium in 111 species of birds. Pallium in birds is equivalent to cerebral cortex (the cerebral cortex (or cortex) of cerebral origin, …) man, who, among other things, participates in memory (Generally speaking, memory is the storage of information. It is also for remembering…)I’learning (Learning is the acquisition of knowledge, i.e. the process…)Thinking and problem solving. When these estimates of the number of pallium neurons were combined with information on more than 4,000 food innovations, the team found that the types with the most pallium neurons were also likely to be the most innovative.

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Longer development time in Live (The nest generally defines the structure the birds have built to contain…) is a major factor

The time chicks spend in the nest in as such (Vor is a small Danish island in Limfjord. The Vor has a population of about 900. The island …) As their brain develops it can also play an important role in the development of intelligence,” says Louis Lefevre, Professor Emeritus (In the field of higher education, honorary is an honorary title awarded to…) In theUniversity (The university is an institution of higher education whose goal is…) McGill who has past (The past is first and foremost a concept associated with time: it is made up of all…) Over 20 years of collecting examples of food innovations.

“The young of larger species of crows, crows, and parrots, which are known for their intelligence, spend more time in the nest, giving the brain more time to develop and accumulate acrobatic neurons.”

The results of the study help to reconcile the points I have seen (Sight is the meaning that allows the observation and analysis of the environment through reception and …) Previously conflicting opinions about the evolution and importance of brain size and showing how to view history life (Life is the given name 🙂 Helps understand the development of cognition.

the post:
“Neuron cell numbers correlate innovation with absolute and relative brain size in birds” by Sol D., Olkowicz, S., Sayol, F. and others in ecology and evolution

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