▷ WhatsApp launches a long-awaited feature: “Message yourself”

▷ WhatsApp launches a long-awaited feature: “Message yourself”

Arguably texting yourself on a messaging platform is one of the easiest ways to jot down ideas and not forget them or save web URLs that you want to revisit later. WhatsApp has launched a new feature in this direction…

WhatsApp lets you message each other to keep notes, send links you want to get back to, keep track of appointments, and more. The feature, dubbed “Message Yourself,” was discovered in late October as part of beta testing, but is now being rolled out globally to iOS and Android users.

It may not seem very useful at first, but this feature can also be a great way to transfer small files between several smartphones.

You’ll now be able to see them as a contact in your WhatsApp recipients list, with the latter highlighting examples like shopping lists, travel inspiration, voice notes, and more.

Like Slack, you don’t need to use another note-taking app. The term “send to yourself” can be misleading, as it basically allows you to save content as you would draft messages.

You will not need to save your number first to access your chats, as you can find the option at the top of the contacts list to start a conversation with yourself. for you A number that will have the suffix “you” next to your chat name.

With this, messages sent to yourself will also appear on linked devices, making it easy to chat on any device. This can also be useful if you intend to send something to yourself from another device via multi-device support.

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Once you update your WhatsApp version, you will see the Message Yourself option. Then follow these steps to use this feature:

  • open Whatsapp;
  • Click on New Chat (message icon) at the bottom right of your phone screen;
  • You will see a list of contacts to send a message or send a message to someone using their QR code;
  • After the update, your WhatsApp account will also display your mobile phone number to send a message;
  • Tap on the number and type a message that can be saved as a message or reminder.

Although the native functionality of sending you messages is new to WhatsApp, some users have already been using a workaround for quite some time. You can actually message each other using the tap to chat feature of the app.

However, this new option removes the extra steps users need to take to chat themselves using the wa.me URL.

Users can also pin their auto chat messages to the top of the chat list if they don’t want to search for them in an already crowded chat list.

Similar functionality to Telegram and Signal

Telegram offers a similar feature called Saved Messages. This allows users to bookmark all important messages and save their notes and reminders that can be viewed later. Once messages are saved, they can be accessed from the top of the chat screen.

Signal, another WhatsApp competitor, also has a feature called “Note to Self” that serves the same purpose: it allows you to compose messages for personal use. However, unlike WhatsApp’s new feature that can be accessed from the top of the app’s contacts list, Signal doesn’t suggest your profile at the top of the recipients list. Users must search for and select the Note to Self contact to use this feature.

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